Top Five Best Lyrics Of N9NE

Top Five Best Lyrics Of N9NE

In today’s hip-hop music and hip-hop songs, a combination of rap music and hip-hop music is something that N9NE gives, because he’s one of the most successful individuals artists in the field of rap songs and hip-hop music.

If you are one of the fans of N9NE if you are one of the Rap music fans, and if you are Looking for the combination of rap music and rap songs be with us, in this article’s we will discuss Top Five Best Lyrics Of N9NE and most successful songs.

Put Em On:

In this song, N9NE had collaborated with two of the biggest and most successful artists Derrein Saffron and Stevie Stone.

This song was released as one of the best songs from the list if the artists, N9NE said that it’s one of his most successful and best songs.

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We will provide a YouTube Link that redirects you for watching a video song, of which you can click on the link to open up song.

Some Good:

In this song, we can see two of the best rappers and hip-hop music artists Tech N9NE and J.L., the song’s lyrics Goes like all I know is super fire when I blow.

If you are looking for Tech N9NE Best Songs, if you are one of the rap music fans, this song will Perfect suit your style.

Putting on headphones and listening to this song, when you are alone and enjoying the music will be a great idea to spend a good time.


This song combined three artists Tech N9NE, Murs, and iMayDay. People argued that the song dirties your soul. However, it may be a joke.

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Watching all of your favorite artists in one single song and enjoying rap increase the joy of your quality time with your friends.

If someone asks about one of the most sold and hit songs of Tech N9NE, I’ll special suggest putting this song in that list.


This song was a combined effort of three of the most successful rappers and hip-hop music artists. Darren Safon, Ubiquitous.

The lyrics start like they wanna see me falling on like raindrops. So, it can be anyone’s one of the most favorite sings.

This song is on 4th place in our list of Top Five Best Lyrics Of N9NE. Because it has limited lyrics and libraries that lead the song to be at the backside.

Jesus And A Pill:

Prozak, Tech N9NE, and Krizz Kaliko were the three writers of this song, the song was originally written and created by these three artists.

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People argued that this song has one of the best lyrics that ever been made by Tech N9NE and the other two if the biggest artists.

The lyrics start like taking a journey through the depth of my psychic abilities, and the lyrics can really touch their hurt by melting it down.

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