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The top DJ song Faded is by Alan Walker released in 2015, filmed in the beautiful town of Estonia. The guy seems to keep wandering with a picture in his hand amidst the broken houses. The song was created, by taking inspiration from a euphonious track named Nova. The video has 

 2.7 billion views, and is considered to be the most loved song on Spotify. Faded has smashed all the music charts across all the countries worldwide due to its contemporary yet melodious feel. 

Come on jazz

The song Keep Control is a spry tune by the Sono group, from their album Solid State. The song is sung by Lennart Salomon and released in the year 2000. In the video, the trio can be seen wearing the impressive Elvis Presley kind of coats and glasses with guitars hung across them. In the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, keep Control occupied the 1st position making it the top Dj song. 

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Let’s disco

Inspired by the great Nina Simone, David Penn and KPD came together to create the peppy song Aint Got No. David Penn has collaborated with big Labels like Defected Records and produced smashing hits for his fans. The song is a super playful number and will throw you out of the seat and make you dance on its tune. Stand Up is one of his famous numbers. He has been termed as the Beatport House Artist of All-time, because of his catchy musical numbers.  

Tap, Tap

Dennis Ferrer is a famous Dj and remixer of the song Hey Hey. He has worked with artists and technicians like Martinez Brothers and Little Louie Vega. The song Hey Hey is from his album Objektivity that caught the pulse of the upcoming Dj’s due to catch line Hey, Hey, and its brilliant music. You can’t resist yourself from dancing, as the song is quite entrancing

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Show Your Moves

The duo SIDEPIECE and Diplo created a peppy yet rustic song On My Mind, extremely suitable for the folks who like to dance as if no one cares. 

Shake your leg

Try me is a good disco song for the dance lovers. The song has been produced by Plastic Toy and DJ Snake. The song is not only pleasant but can offer beats for dancing smoothly. One can’t resist dancing to this catchy number. 

Get Up and Dance

A captivating video, with a repetitive Black on Black at the background by SVRD released in the year 2020. The beats are quite sprightly making it a quite a dance tune at parties. The song has a good set of fans that can still play to its tune.

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Rock the Beat

The Song Drop the pressure is derived from Doctor Pressure which is a Vivacious song by Mylo. The music is appealing and the beats are tempting, which is requisite in a Dj song. The song was released in 2005 and has ruled the UK singles chart and the Irish Singles Chart. 

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