Three Knives Lyrics By Cappadonna

Artist/Band Name: Cappadonna

Album Name: Slang Prostitution

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Three Knives

[Intro: Cappadonna, (3rd Diglah)]
Let’s mosey. (Yeah, Yo)

[3rd Diglah]
See me son, I’m secular rap, I’m second to none,
They call me 3rd Diglah, Respect me dun,
It’s been a long time coming but I’m here now,
Make way I got no time for your funny style,
Fake ways, Jake prey on us but we duck down, Stay low,
Gats don’t sit in the pocket money, Cause they blow,
Aaaa-Ohh, Who got a problem with mouth and they go,
Keep talking rip you apart, Like you was Legos,
I tangle for the cash my flash is something furious,
Yea-Yo is the path, I get cash for rapping serious,
Stay low with the crabs while my swag keep cabbies curious,
I’m smacking on these fags and the game envy is serious,
Me and my camp low, Move out like a stamp go,
All around the World and I-yi-yi-yi, I spit that gat flow.

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[Lounge Lo]
Nobody never told you how I be the building,
And burning piff with my niggas and a couple of children,
Getting gwap, Tryna stack my cheese, Nigga please,
This is fairy boat Lo, That be shooting the breeze,
You know my O-U-T fit nice on, My boys they whyle out,
And blam when they lifting they right arm,
All up in the ghetto in night bombs, I right wrongs,
I’m House Gang just like an urban icon,
Catch me on a bus with my chain and my ice on,
I’m looking real yes like I’m getting my fight on,
I’m nine-eleven, Who be throwing them pipe bombs,
A nigga from the Stat that be making his rights wrong,
You know the kid hard, Never do light songs,
I roll with the Stones but on the road them white cons,
Lingerer zoo part two with a nice blonde,
Fuck around say something, You end up your life’s gone.

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New York City, Power-ffinalia,
We come through where the feds’ll tell ya,
We the largest rap group that ever lived,
Shaolin for the kids,
Round house, Black belts, And beards,
Verrazano Bridge talk, Moon walk,
Thrity-six clips of hard shit, Hard bricks,
New York City and Shaolin, Niggas’ll get hit with hard licks,
Throw your towel in, Five niggas whyle’n,
Nigga we keep on style’n, Cut em up into a half a gallon,
More money, More murder, It’s the beat swerver,
Diglah with the fly handle, I break beats down and I dismantle,
Anyone of yall niggas’ll get shot, My mic is the glock,
Words’ll pop in your head like various speed knots,
Come on with it, Come on get it, Long did-ick,
Cappadon of the fat outfits, crazy fitted,
Straight Park Hill, Bark is ill, Sparkling grill,
Niggas with the hood shit, Taste the skill,
Shaolin slash Wu-Tang, Darts’ll bang,
Never forget where you come from, Respect my game.

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[Outro: Cappadonna]
Yo let’s move, We gotta be out, one.

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