This Offer Is Unrepeatable Lyrics By Elvis Costello

Artist/Band Name: Elvis Costello

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To This Offer Is Unrepeatable

Don’t send any money, my fate has no price
Ignore at your peril, this splendid advice
An invaluable link in an infinite chain
An offer like this will just not come again

You wish you had women to charm and bewitch
Power of life and death over the rich
Young girls will be swooning because you’re exciting them
And not only fall at your feet but be biting them

Guaranteed, guaranteed to capture your breath
Or possibly scare you to death
Sign it and seal it and send it to friends
But don’t mention my name, don’t make any long term plans

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In thirty-six hours, your fortunes will change
Your best friends won’t know you and neither will strangers
Do not keep this letter, it must leave your hand
You have been selected from over five thousand

A twister and dupe will bamboozle and hoodwink you
I can’t say more, it would only confuse you
The wine they offer will go to your head
And you’ll start seeing double in fishes and bread

Guaranteed, guaranteed for a lifetime or more
Guaranteed for this world and the next
Guaranteed, guaranteed for the world and its mother
Cherish this life as you won’t get another one

Unless you should take up this fabulous offer
Don’t leave it too late or you’ll be bound to suffer
And woebetide anyone so woebegone
You won’t know you’re born or about to pass on

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You’ll never get tired, you’ll never get bored
By the way I just hope you’re insured
And if you’re not satisfied, if you want more
We can always provide an improved overture

Guaranteed at a price that is almost unbeatable
This offer is unrepeatable

Your troubles will vanish, your tears will dry
Your blessings will just multiply

Guaranteed at a price that is almost unbeatable
This offer is unrepeatable
Guaranteed, guaranteed to bring fortune and favor
In a riot of colors and flavors
Guaranteed at a price that is almost unbeatable
This offer is unrepeatable

Would I lie to you?
Would I sell you a dud?
Just sign on the line
Could you possibly write it in blood?

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