This Is Our God Lyrics By Nekrogoblikon

Artist/Band Name: Nekrogoblikon

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To This Is Our God

Eternal hails to thee,
O better god than man’s
We thank you for the delicious children,
Which we are about to consume, with vigor and passion.

Circle of goblins praising their lord
Sacrificing children with their goblin swords
Circle of children, waiting to die
Carved out of the womb, no chance for goodbye (or hello).

Our jade cathedral stands alone on an island in space
The twisted spires stab the heavens in this consecrated place
The ceiling, the walls, and the ground of the hall,
Are paved over with feces and corpses short and tall

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This is our god, he is so great, he’ll be the one to seal your fate.
This is our god, if you don’t believe you will soon receive the hand of hate.
Sacrificing through the night (growled “and the day” over this), the only way to make things right.
Our reverence is your fright; our devotion is your plight.

There is no heaven, only goblin hell:
The greenest black you’ve ever seen.
Where dark things dwell and
Toll the bells that mark the time of your farewell.
Where dark things dwell and
Toll the bells that mark the time of your farewell.

The least zealous will be killed,
Their bodies sealed in concrete,
Shipped to the barren wastelands
In the shame of their defeat.

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The most zealous will receive,
A reward that tastes so sweet
It’s a delectable sauce
Made of pureed human meat.

Eternal hails to thee,
O better god than man’s,
Thank you for the delicious children
Which we are about to consume
With vigor and passion.

Our master who art in space, hallowed be thy stench,
Thy kingdom come. Thy will is death.
On earth as it is on Goblin Island.
Give us this day our daily bludgeoning.
Praise us for our trespasses and disembowel those who trespass against us.
And lead us to a feast. And deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom and the slime and the filth.
Forever and ever.

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