This Is My Haircut Lyrics By 54-40

Artist/Band Name: 54-40

Album Name: Trusted By Millions

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To This Is My Haircut

Trusted By Millions
This Is My Haircut
It’s pell mell I pawn it off
Cut it low here we go
Ready to say let it go
Geronimo bye-bye

It’s not a mistake
This is my haircut
This is my haircut get it get it
It’s not a mistake

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Looking in the mirror I’m supposed to
Prepare for the new day rising
I gotta sing with a soul and be ready to go
Wait for the vibe it’s all in the timing

It’s not a mistake
This is my story
This is my story get it get it
Not a mistake

Get a life get a life
Get a oouee-oouee
Get a life get a life
Get a oouee-oouee

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Now that it’s gone cut it off I cut out
What am I doing
Look at my face boom-boom
Oh my God blue ruin

Written by Neil Osborne and 54•40
Fifty-Four Forty Songs Inc./Sony-ATV Music Publishing Canada (SOCAN)

Billy K. Hicks

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