This Cage Lyrics By PRO

Artist/Band Name: PRO

Album Name: Redemption

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To This Cage

We are all on trial, believe it or not.
You will be judged for your sin, whether you believe it or not.
So keep stacking that paper mayn, worship it not.
See if that will be your savior when you stand before God.
You see He’s holy, can’t let you slide by homey.
Don’t believe that that’s true? I don’t think that you really know him.
In the beginning God created the earth.
Adam fell in love with sin now we dating the curse.
What I’m sayin’, is really that none of us can escape it.
Twisted in our brains so we love it instead of hate it.
If you’re not perfect then you’re part of the fall, cause if you break one law, you broke them all.
God would be justified if He poured His wrath on all men.
Thankfully He sent his Son we call him the God Man (Jesus)
Took a hiatus from the throne, wrapped himself in flesh, and died to atone.

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That’s why my faith in Christ Jesus the Son, because we all free through His blood.
I’m not guilty, Oh can you feel me?
I’m not guilty Oh can you feel me?

I put my hope in Him who reign on the throne, He gave me grace through faith alone…
I’m not guilty, Oh can you feel me?
I’m not guilty Oh can you feel me?

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Now tell me this homey, what if I ran in your house, took a pistol grip of a glock and hit you dead in the mouth?
See my intention is to kill you but first, gimme your jewelry.
In case you didn’t know by now, it’s a rivalry.
But I had tripped an alarm that was silent so the cops came, disarmed me.

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