Things to Know About Parody Music

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Parody music is the type that is created by changing or copying well known musical ideas or lyrics, or the composer’s style or the overall style of any music originated from the post-classical Latin word” parodia. The intention of creating parody music is to give a different dimension to the original music by re-using the music to define it. There is a difference is the parody and satire as parody is about commenting on or criticizing the work with imitation.

The idea of musical parody emerged in the 16th century and gained more interest in 20th century, when there was use of folk tunes, neo-classical works based on earlier styles.  In musical context, parody has been utilized for many different purposes such as compositional technique or for the re-use of well-known melody to new words. Parody is also about creating humorous and mocking musical material used for satirical purpose.

Parody in popular Music

Earlier, parody was used to create series of comic or serious effect out of popular song by borrowed hymns tunes and church music. Parodies were also generated out of particular performers which was used to create beautiful folk songs written based on existing tunes with slight modifications.

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Parody of performing styles and performers

In the 1950’s and 1960s, parodies of popular songs were created by Stan Freberg who mocked the musical conventions of the day. There were artists who became famous by their parodies of pop performance like Barron Knights in the 1970’s, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican for comedy parody.

The tradition of the parody music still remains in the 21st century when the Christian rock and “the boy band” style of pop was parodied for musical Altar Boys.

Best Parody Song

Pop Music has remained an all-time favorite for the people who offer pleasure after listening to it. Out of all the funny parodies, the below mentioned has been one of the best parody song is “Somebody That I Used to Know”.

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The songs also feature New Zealand singer Kimbra along with Gotye. Released on 5th July 2011, the song won many hearts and love from the people. The singer of the Song, Gotye, originally called Wouter De Backer is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. He mesmerizes his fans by using instruments such as Vocals, drums, keyboards, guitar and playing songs of genre Indie Rock, Indie Pop, and trip-hop.

He has been the part of famous labels like Fairfax, Universal Republic, Independent, Samples ‘n’ Seconds, Inertia, lucky number, Eleven, Creative vibes, etc.

The single by Gotye was the part of his third album Making Mirrors which was produced by De Backer. Being Gotye’s signature song, the mid-tempo ballad has the samples of Luiz Bonfa’s instrumental song “Seville” and similarities of works and song by Sting, Peter Gabriel, and American Folk band Bon Iver.

Gotye received many awards and recognition in form of ARIA Awards, best male artist and producer, won Triple J Hottest 100 poll, Two Grammy Awards.

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