The World Stopped Turning Lyrics By Ian Kelly

Artist/Band Name: Ian Kelly

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Lyrics To The World Stopped Turning

I was 17, I had nothing to give
We were stealing bread, we had nowhere to live
We had hopes and dreams
We believed in the lies
Your perfume had a taste and I blinked my eyes

I was 23, I was cleaning the place
To the beat of a drum, that was setting the pace
We had hopes and dreams and were willing to try
With my mouth full of paste
I blinked my eyes

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Oh, do you love, do you love the rain
Do you know, do you know
When everything is dark and blue
There is always something left to do
Oh, would you say, would you say it’s vain
Do you go, where you go
When everything is up to you
You know your dreams were always true

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At 25, you don’t usually quit
Saw the bottom of the barrel, had enough of this shit
With the poisoned blood, and the daily cries
In the alcohol flood, I blinked my eyes

I was 27 when, I witnessed the birth
Of our angel girl, the most beautiful thing on earth
We were tired but ecstatic and the music stopped

Billy K. Hicks

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