The Word Lyrics By Reformers

Artist/Band Name: Reformers

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Lyrics To The Word

God I’m asking for a generation who will value the truth/
Set a fire in the hearts of Your people that burn with desire for who You are/You are the Word of God/
Time to prepare for the battle ahead/
Time to prepare for every temptation/
It’s time to take things seriously and get the truth deep down inside of me/
I can’t take it without/
I can’t make it without You and the truth in my spirit/
I will fight with truth as my weapon/
I will fight with truth in my hand/We will fight/Word of God/The Word made flesh:Jesus Christ/ Holy Spirit come and testify Jesus to us/Make the Word real and living to us/I will fight with the Sword of the Spirit/I will live by the truth of Your Word/God I’m asking for a generation who will value the truth/God make us that generation who value Your truth

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