The Sweet Suffering Lyrics By Anathema

Artist/Band Name: Anathema

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To The Sweet Suffering

As a shadow is cast overhead
I rejoice in the coming of the gloom
Lifting my eyes to view what, to me, is beauty
I decipher what is read in the cloud
The verse is shouting out and ringing in my ears
The claps of thunder, scared? No, me I revere
in the enchantment of mother nature
Her caress it soothes and brings me joy

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Kneeling to the rainfall
Wind’s whispers beckoning
Inhaling the sweet scent
Elation is overwhelming
The way is dim but somehow I find it

One by one the victims of life are dwindling
Me, take me … grief no more if death will save me

Take me, save me, show me salvation
Lead me … a sacred path, reinstate creation

Show me joy, grief, pride
and show me your envy

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The way is dim but somehow I find it.

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