The Suffering Continues Lyrics By Requiem

Artist/Band Name: Requiem

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Lyrics To The Suffering Continues

Every single day is this shit hole town / Families struggle to make ends meet / I wanna tear it down / And the crimes that go down on every street / The people have given up trying to decide sit and wait or fight for a better life / For the sake of having a home to stay / Therefore nothing ever changes

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The Suffering Continues / As the city crumbles beneath you
So we subsist through Gentrification / Terror / Division
Cause we give power to the politicians / Not enough care to listen

So they live along the lines of the law / Not ever any question / Does anyone else care at all to take up their right to decision / So if we can burn down this corrupted town / Rebuild the city of which we can be proud / No longer ruled by their greed and their lies / No longer lost in false pride

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