The Ship On His Arm Lyrics By Emmylou Harris

Artist/Band Name: Emmylou Harris

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Lyrics To The Ship On His Arm

“Where are you now”
She writes, “Where are you now, my love?
Do you have food to eat, shoes for your tired feet
Am I the one you’re dreaming of?”

“Do you know how I miss you
How I long to kiss you
Pray for the day you will come
Back to me, my darling one”

He thinks about her
All through the long watches of night
The bullets are flying, young men are dying
He prays for the first crack of light

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And when he can finally slip into his dream
She’ll sweep on the sweet web she has woven
And for a while they are one

When she kisses the ship on his arm
All of his sorrows unravel
He knows he will come to another one
Over all of the miles he has traveled

Her love is an anchor
Her love is forever
It’s true now her love is the charm
When she kisses the ship on his arm

Blessed are they, these fearless young lovers
Their lives are just barely begun
Blessed is the day they return to each other
After all of the battles are done
And finally they are one

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When she kisses the ship on his arm
And all of their sorrows unravel
They’ve come through the eye of the storm
Unafraid of the miles left to travel

Their love is an anchor
Love is forever
It’s true now that love is the truth
When she kisses the ship on his arm

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