The Only Rose – Live; 1999 Remastered Version Lyrics By Runrig

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Lyrics To The Only Rose – Live; 1999 Remastered Version

Between the shifting shadows
In the no-man’s zone
There’s a bar at the end of the street
Some poor country music
One or two sixty’s songs
This is the place where the night owls sleep
Oh, loneliness
You’re a hard earned crust
You’re the night at the end of the day
‘Cause you pay your dues
On the road you choose
With the price you have to pay

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Down the neon aisles
And the twilight miles
Where the world takes comfort in shame
And all I can hear
Is a voice in my ear
And it’s calling out your name
Still the silence glows
The four winds blow
And a dark moon rising above
To rest by your side
In the heat of the fire
In the sleep of the night of love

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When darkness hangs
On the dirty city
Winter falls on a foreign town
And it’s all I can do
To be with you
Tonight as the sun goes down
But I would cross
The ocean wide
I’d walk the mighty foam
If I could lie
In your arms tonight
You’re the only rose I know

Billy K. Hicks

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