The Next One to Go Lyrics By Amoral

Artist/Band Name: Amoral

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Lyrics To The Next One to Go

Always knew that this day would come,
When my muse would stop calling,
Now its here and I’m feeling numb
Like a tower that’s falling

I can hear all my demons laugh
They know how I’m hurting
I could pray but it’s no use now
The end is here

Close my eyes but the notes won’t come,
Where they used to come easy
All these words that I’ve written down
Not one that would please me
I could pray, but its no use now
The end is here

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I should have been creating
for a rainy day
Write down the words when
I had something to say
Now there’s a dry spell heading my way

Let me lay this cliché on you
You’ve heard it before, it ain’t nothing new
Better say what you have to say,
do what you have to do
The next one to go could be you

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