The Midnight Hour (Remastered) Lyrics By Ray Charles

Artist/Band Name: Ray Charles

Album Name: 100 – 100 Original Tracks (Remastered)


Lyrics To The Midnight Hour (Remastered)

The midnight hour has found me lonely
So unhappy as I can be
You left me, yes you left me without a love

Gave you my lovin, everything I owned
That’s why it’s so shockin’ to find you gone
It’s getting me, it’s hard to be, without a love

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Haven’t had no lovin’ now since you know when
The way it’s got me baby, you know, it’s a sin
I haven’t got no money and I’ve lost my friend
All because I fell for you

I don’t know why I have to worry
When you left me in a hurry
Your gone and I’m alone without a love

Please believe me, you know I care
I’d follow you most anywhere
But now your gone and I’m alone, without a love

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