The Lottery Lyrics By Johnossi

Artist/Band Name: Johnossi

Album Name: Johnossi

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To The Lottery

Oh brother don´t wake me up,
I´ll sleep all day, she said
my sister said to me
I hate this town that´s laying under me
I agree, I agree with you sister
you know I´d love to go
with you to New York city
but me and Ossi ain´t got no money

If I filled the cracks in my ceiling
If would look fine but
There´s moisture and mould there behind
I´ll bloom like everything always do
But if you take this can of white spray
and just spray all over
we´d hide in your apartment forever
or at least until these stupid thoughts have disiesed

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Oh mother you were warm
but yet so cold when
you came home from Italy
and my father he didn´t understand
but I understand you both more than you know
so why don´t you
why don´t you ask me
we all got plans and we all got believes

and I believe that love
soon will come to me
it´s building up inside
the precious girl
will win the lottery

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If I filled the cracks of my ceiling
it would look fine but
there´s moisture and mould there behind
it´ll bloom like everything always do

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