The Living Lyrics By Natalie Merchant

Artist/Band Name: Natalie Merchant

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To The Living

What’s it like there outside
With the living, with the living
Here I [Incomprehensible] place I can hide
From the living, from the living
‘Cause I don’t care to stay with the living

Oh, the bottle has been to me
My closest friend, my worst enemy
Oh afraid that I walked a fine line
Squandered it all and wasted my time
And I don’t stand a chance among the living

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For the lovers I’ve gambled and lost
Count my mistakes whatever the cost
I’ll go off, I’ll make myself scarce
Oh, come tomorrow you won’t find me here

‘Cause I don’t care to stay with the living
I don’t think I’ll remain with the living

And I don’t care to stay with the living
No, I don’t care to stay

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