The Hulk Lyrics By Bob Schneider

Artist/Band Name: Bob Schneider

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Lyrics To The Hulk

(The Hulk is generally a live audience treat, so, the variations from live show to live show are hilarious in nature, but I will not be covering dialogue between Bob and his audience. Just not that brackets represent the portions related to audience participation.]
Whose got the whole word on a string?
Who doesn’t seem to worry about a thing?

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Who enjoys his time when he’s alone?
Who enjoy working from home?
Who never really has too much to say?
Who always seems to live just for today?

The lean cuisine

My weary wits

Who seems to do an awful lot of nothing?
Who spends money like there’s no tomorrow?

Wanna take a little time off, from all the work that I’ve been doing
Hang out with the gang, check out the fat that they’re been chewing

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