The Great Defender Lyrics By Bird of Youth

Artist/Band Name: Bird of Youth

Album Name: Defender

Genre: World

Lyrics To The Great Defender

Won’t you come back to me

Take me anywhere and let me see

What it meant and who you are again

After you let the phone fall from your hand
And make no mistake, old friend

You can cheat me, beat me, I’ll pretend

All the trysts and quips at my expense

Did not cut and grind me
bruise and bind me

These days have tumbled down

Now they’re nicked and scraped,
They shout out loud

And in these early moments, unsuspecting

I plant my feet but you took my swing away

There’s nothing left to see

All my friends are fakes and
There’s no good leads

It’s just the last man standing in the reeds

Unjust rewards, no prisoners freed

And I remember we were kind

But you had something else in mind

I looked back, the screen went black

And I never saw you cry

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These prying eyes they flexed

And they heaved and opened up this prize

As I held it close up to my chest

I thought, “is this where big girls go to rest

Or rise?” and are we blind or blessed

Sailing words across the great divide

And the seasons changed with your confession

I came undone, and you came undressed
And on the shore you breathed a sigh

Of hallowed pauses, reasons why

You made no sound,

I stand my ground,
That was no kind of goodbye

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We’ve worked the room for years

Now our guests are tired

Some are moved to tears

This never was my style

So let’s rest a while

And then reappear

With somebody new

Now on my mark get set don’t go

Will we ever forget

Those final blows and those dying throes

And epithets and late-night threats

If I were to stand and say yes

Demand that we both dispossess

Break me, mend me, great defender

Take me, send me, I surrender

Can we agree, it’s time to say goodbye

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