The Glow Lyrics By Mos Def

Artist/Band Name: Mos Def

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To The Glow

Voice: You know most folks are scared of dying?
Mos Def: Whooaahoooahh OhhhOhhhhwhoa
Voice: But they fight real hard to stay right here
Mos Def (over repeating sample): You are now rockin’ with the best, and that’s what it is
Black Star Embassy, set your dial on freak radio

Scared of what?
Me and mine ain’t scared of much
We get it down, push it out, keep the standards up
Hand-to-hand on the mic, call this pass the dutch
Ghetto people put they ears, hands and cameras up
Flash Gordon, code name for my thoughts is Fast Forward
I make you put the disc on play and repeat
I got the calm sweating like a cop wavin’ the heat
And I stay on beat, and I stay on grind
From the black space via the project hallways
Black Star team: Kweli Greene and Dante
Code name: All Day, Operation: All Good
Valid throughout all times, current status all grind
Clearer than a chalk line traced around a cold body
First text with no copies, I don’t rhyme like nobody
Rocking for that nobody waking up in nowhere
Tryna get to some place ?for emotions unsafe?
This is for the warrior, this is for the renegade
This is for the battlecry, early morning serenade
This is for the ghetto block where darkness don’t ever fade
Where police storm the ground and make the masses separate
Depression and circumstances make the families separate
Black beauty them (nike) Airs, Come together, Separate
Come together 3x
‘Cause ya know ya know
I am
Need to know to know (repeats)

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