The Flood Lyrics By Patrick Watson

Artist/Band Name: Patrick Watson

Album Name: Compilation


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Lyrics To The Flood

Oh here comes the river
Rising over your heads
Over all of the thoughts that will burn you down
Oh here comes the river
Rising over your quiet heads
Over the thing that you said you don’t need anymore
Over the lovers who forgot how to breathe
The faces and places you don’t really need anymore
Took him on to his color tv
Mary kept sewing with water passing her knees
Kids were swimming from the top of the threes
Crowds of umbrellas staring in this belief
Windows turn to fishballs and the cities to sea
Cars were drown under our feet
People were arguing now what should they bring
As the river rises
Over isnt over
As the river rises
Over isn’t over(As the river rises)
Over isn’t over
Over isn’t over

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