The First Cold Day of Fall Lyrics By Ian McFeron

Artist/Band Name: Ian McFeron

Album Name: Time Will Take You


Lyrics To The First Cold Day of Fall

If you’d a told me you were walkin’ out
I might a tried to make you stay
Cause here I am talkin’ at the wall
You’re the one that got away

I used to think that you’d be comin’ back here
I’m startin’ to get that you’re really gone
Cause I could never tell it in a word
I tried to sell it for a song

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On the first cold day of fall
I turn the heat up in my car
And roll the windows down
I remember you were laughin’ with your eyes
And I was tryin’ not to smile
But you were makin’ it hard
That was a good way to start

Now I been walkin’ miles with no direction
Searchin’ the heavens for a star
But it never matters which way you go
It only matters where you are

They say time will tell
And I’ve learned my lesson well
It doesn’t mean that it’s wrong just cause it’s hard
It doesn’t mean I didn’t love you
Just cause I broke your heart

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