The Family, The Cure Lyrics By Far West Battlefront

Artist/Band Name: Far West Battlefront

Album Name: Chapters


Lyrics To The Family, The Cure

Slow down Norma Jean,
You’re going too fast,
Not from the start,
There was no difference in mind,
This city did not call, no attraction from the lights
I did not see my own reflection sprinkled in red and white,
My heart begins to pound,
I can’t describe this feeling,
Breathe faster in and out,
Up, down, up, down,
How could I leave this behind?
Falling, collapsing, destined to fail,
Won’t you hold my hand?
Please, please, please,
I can’t see why you don’t understand,
I need your dream to keep me alive,
I know there’s nothing I can say,
No nothing I can do,
I’m crying out for help just so I can prove to you,
The hold of cigarettes, parties and credit card bills,
I’m trembling on the outside,
Dying from the inside out,
I’m pouring out my heart,
Pouring out my heart,
You’re going too fast.

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