The End Lyrics By Kalai

Artist/Band Name: Kalai

Album Name: Six Strings and the Rainy Day Man


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Lyrics To The End

The End,

I said one dollar, two dollar, twenty dollar bill, you say you won’t spend it but I know you will. Crazy woman you aint got no money cause you blamin it, you blame it all on your problems and you cry like a baby and it looks so sad. You cry like a baby but I don’t feel bad. Annie up, swallow your pride. Aniie up, you have to sacrifice. Annie up, you wrong again I aint your friend. This is the end. This is the end. This is the end.

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Well the rhythm and the motion reflect my devotion to the words I’ve conveyed to your mind but you won’t dance, you had your chance there aint no room in the flow for your kind. So step up stand up go ahead and sing and teach us bout the freedom workin brings.

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Oh Lordy lazy man, always sitting when he can stand. Say Oh Oh, honest men, we goin do the best we can. It takes work to get to heaven no it aint hard to go to hell and we be on our way to Jesus so we workin in the field.


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