The Elegance of Asymmetry Lyrics By Abhorrent

Artist/Band Name: Abhorrent

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Lyrics To The Elegance of Asymmetry

Swarm of amassed bacterium; nature’s symmetry
Systematically expanding in multitude
Self aware, fully cognizant of
The linearity of cause and the inevitable effect…
Such is the irreverence of humanity
Challenging in their excess; absent of restraint
A polluted colossi, its ashen wake
Diminishing species
Synchronicity lost, mother nature failing
Earth limits reached: collateral damage
Profusions of man’s infection engulfs
All living organisms
Triggering reaction
Maw of molten core ruptures
Altering reality
Oxygen poisoning and devastation epicenters
Large-scale catastrophic events
Collapsing ecosystems; Terra deform
Disfigured population centers
Every component and biotic factor
Propagating its sickness in droves
Irreversible disease
Mankind establishes itself as expendable
Lacking regard for a contaminated planet
Inefficient life forms
Passively accepting obsolescence
Swollen with madness
The earth seeks to purge
Epistemological superiority
Beneath endless mass-graves built on adaptation
And in the aftermath of its purifying collapse:
Impending extinction
Crushed beneath gravitational force
Suffocating planetary contusions
And receding into non-existence

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