The Customary Thing (Remastered) Lyrics By Johnny Rivers

Artist/Band Name: Johnny Rivers

Album Name: Legends Gold Collection (Remastered)


Lyrics To The Customary Thing (Remastered)

Well, I asked my mom and daddy why they loved each other
I got a wink from daddy and a grin from mother
I wanna be like dad, I wanna feel the same
Oh that’s why I love that baby so
Yeah, that’s why I hated to let her go
You know one of these days I’m gonna buy her a ring
That’s why whenever we say goodnight
You know we kiss and we kiss and we squeeze so tight
I-I-I love her, she feels the same
I love her, oh she’s so fine, oh yeah she’s all mine
Come on, come on now baby, just a little bit more

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