The Box (Paul Oakenfold remix) Lyrics By Orbital

Artist/Band Name: Orbital

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Lyrics To The Box (Paul Oakenfold remix)

Shared his neighbours with a building
Knows addresses of by heart
Draws a picture of his future
Keeps the paper close at hand
Packs his tongue into a suitcase
Suffers terror on the train
And he wants to start a movement
‘Cause he’s indestructible
And you know they’ll never find us
And they’ll leave us alone
And if we just keep on talking
Then we’ll still make it home
There’s commotion in promotion
Now they’ve done good every war
Sell our pictures to a paper
Now that everyone must know
Trading satellites for substance
Let spectators pay their way
We’ll invade the Trevi Fountain
Now that everyone must pay
Mama and baby’s mother tragedy
Baby’s mother’s tragedy
Baby’s mother’s tragedy
Terrifies the kill

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