The Blackouts Lyrics By Frank Zappa

Artist/Band Name: Frank Zappa

Album Name: Miscellaneous

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To The Blackouts

Zappa Frank
The Blackouts
Wayne Lyles (vocals)
Terry Wimberly (piano)
Elwood jr. Madeo (guitar)
Frank Zappa (drums)

So, uh, I’d just like to tell you about a little incident at Shrine Auditorium. Um, well, see we made this scene down there, we walked in, and this..this place is big, y’know, real big, y’know? An’ everybody was gonna be there. Louis Armstrong and his boys were gonna be there, (Titans) an’ the Titans, (Velvetones too) and the Velvetones, and the Blackouts, so let me tell you about this scene… (we made the scene, that is obvious) ????? The Velvetones think they’re Lawrence Welk.

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