The Best Song of One Direction

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‘1D’ is what they are called. Does it ring a bell?

Sure, it does and most probably it will until the end of the time. That is how popular the boy band One Direction is. With a massive fan following and a huge list of awards along with some very good and numerous songs, this band is one of the most popular and successful bands of all time. 

Just like any other bands they have seen fame, success, popularity, made tours and have performed in stadiums where it is only human heads until the horizon. This brand has been the stimulus to many musicians as the five individual musicians have shown others how to rise and win over love by making the best music that can possibly be made. 

They have had dark times and struggles to do too most significantly when Zayan Malik, a member of One Direction left the group as well. The inspiring story has been made into 4 different documentary movies. Which is seen by many people all over the globe as well. 

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Have a look at the movies to know how 5 people from different parts of the United Kingdom came together and based on their musical talent took over the world. The struggle they did gave them success at an exponential rate. 

So, if someone is asking what is the One Direction best song ever? 

The answer is simple, it is the track “What Makes You Beautiful” from the album “Up All Night” which was released in 2011. These three minutes and eighteen seconds long track came from the pens of Savan Kotecha, Rami Yacob, and Carl Falk. Here is the Lyric of What Makes You Beautiful song.

It was produced by both Carl Falk and Gonzalo Palafox. Now before you think that I am writing this song only because I loved it, let me share some facts. 

What Makes You Beautiful Song Facts

  1. This song had sold 153,965 in the opening week. 
  2. The total sales of the song are 4.8 million until 2016.
  3. The music video for the song which was released on YouTube on 19th August of 2011 is liked by 6.8 million people and is viewed over 1.1 billion people which is more than twice the American population. 
  4. This song is the most selling debut song by a boy band in the United States. 
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Those were the numbers for the music only. The music video of the song was directed by John Urbano and was shot in Malibu, California. 

This was 4th most-watched video of 2011 in the UK and had won two MTV Video Music Awards for the Best Pop Video and Most Shared Video. 

It also received the best music video award for that year. After the release of the video on YouTube, it also got 1.1 Billion views. 

The song comes under the Pop genre and as you can see was widely successful as well and here is the link for the video.

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Video of Most Popular Songs of 1D Band

This group has shown dedication and musical talent and has won the hearts of many and it all started with 5 failed auditions. Though this band has given a lot of hits and songs that people still love and listen over and over again as per their mood but this song is One Direction best song ever.

Billy K. Hicks

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