The Beautiful Barricades Lyrics By Office of Future Plans

Artist/Band Name: Office of Future Plans

Album Name: Office of Future Plans

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To The Beautiful Barricades

Oh, barricades,
Barren arcades
The silver fades,
Monsters upgrade

’61 shots ricochet,
your kisses by the wall.
Now, they mean nothing at all…

The new Crusades
Surveillance state
Fantastic fakes
Fix up your fate

inside the DMZ,
for leopards in the trees
But not us, we need security!

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Beautiful barricades!

To keep the whole world at bay
No philosophical experiment
No victory to the proletariat
No revolutions to go forward in
Just bent crusaders, bloody Saracens
and us
Inside the barricades
So desperate to be saved
We forget they work both ways

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