The Bat Whispers Lyrics By Blitzkid

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Lyrics To The Bat Whispers

We are the ones forever blended to
The shadows of your perfect crimes
The fabric of the night above
Will wrap us in her mistress glove
We are the ones breeding your doom
Your retribution will come soon…

Preparations made. A visitor tonight
A bar for every door. Subdue the lights

Silence can be my aide. Harken any sound
Carried on the quilted mist. She rolls

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Oh, the bat whispers on
Midnight strikes a chord. Resonates the hall
Reverberations jeer my racing blood
High upon the thatch a clinging form. The Bat
Manipulating shadows of the caves
Oh the bat whispers on
The bat whispers right by our guarded thrones
The bat whispers his charisma
Into the locks refusing parts
And springs them one by one
Like anxious, nubile hearts

The bat whispers his vendetta
Upon the walls with clicking claws
The locks betrayed he now promenades
A slender traceless blade
This guest was never bade

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Oh the bat whispers on
Betrayal is a substance that stealthily glides

We are the ones forever watching you from the rooftops
And camosiles below
Your glass is ours to break to shards
We will come back for what is ours
Your will is ours to break to shards
We will come back for what is OURS

Billy K. Hicks

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