The A-Alike-Athon (Atomic Math) Lyrics By C-Rayz Walz

Artist/Band Name: C-Rayz Walz

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Lyrics To The A-Alike-Athon (Atomic Math)

My construct is the alfa and Omega/
I shed light on the peasants and Beggars/
Wonder the streets at night looking for Saviors/
Confronted by the devil and beasts of that Nature/
Shadows never even exist in total Darkness/
Clam that we live civilized but still we Heartless/
Dangerous look in they eyes as if the Godless/
Determined to hate and despise and thats Regardless/
of consequence, evidence, its all irrelevant heaven Sent/
I thought we had a black President/
Represent for our people and our Culture/
Be true to you’re self or be food for the Vultures/

C-Rayz Walz
A For The Ancestors
Aztecs in Attica
Atomic Math
I​ s​​tashed Artifacts In Africa​/ The Audactity of Aura/ Analog Assassins Adjacent to Allah/ In Acid Washed Order/​ Absolute Artform/ All I Author’s Aweome/ Another Assault/ My Alliance Absorbs the Blast often/ Breakdancing w/ Battering Rams on Black Coffins/ Y-Equal/ I’m Gathering Hands for That Crossing/ My Astral Antics/ Activate Air & Rare Acid/ Ya Adams Apple’d/ Showing ya Asses for​​​ Assets/ Same as Shitting on the Ancestors Ashes/ Here’s Acid/ In the Face of you Authentic Actors/​

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Thru an ADDmifying Glass/
My Condition of Craft is Atomic Math in The Lab w/ Tesseracts & Tracks/ C-Rayz!/
The Walz Close in like a Lens Cramp/
Get The Picture/
My Pinto Peaks The Temple and Scratches/
The Instrumental Leaks/ I Speak for Beans/ Trapped in………
Einstein’s Weekly/
C MC’s Scared/
When They Peep The Degrees/ I’ll Be Right There!

After A-Butta
Know The Names or see flames/
I throw Airplanes at you/
Turn Bitch Niggas into Lois Lane Statues/
Decapitation Doctor/
Ya Wisdom off The Head often/
You Spit Sick?/
That’s Myth when you Coughin/
Now Let’s see if this fits/
Let’s get in this Coffin/
I Drift in Distortion/ Exist in 6 Portions of Brain/
So you can’t maintain The Gods Thought Spins/
Octane, Nova Kane/
And Propane Portraits/

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Damn A u spittin/
Man I swear its like the Ethers/
The way you elevate I swear I hear your soul through the speaker/
Yea Im bout that life, lyrics is trife/
And you can fuck around and loose your life roll of the dice/
Spaceship gladiator plus tridimensional/
Alike drop them bars hitting your temple/
And I been spraying since the days of the Ancients/
Who would of thought nigga that one day that you could save it/
Thought nigga that one day/
That you could shape it/
Dumb niggas fuck shit up/
They tried to cave it/
Crown stay illuminated/
Jewels dangle with me/
We Be Alike Nigga, Hear the Symphony?

Daddy Kane chemistry/ Craig G Energy/
G Rap Memory Chip w/ Clip Melody/
Masta Ace Cut ya Deck & wreck Optics/
Atomic Juice Blast The Math/
Ya Crew Toxic!

Sly Foxes/
Trot a Grim Reap Feet Tote/
The Prose is Moses/
My A-Alike keep Flo/
Scope thru ya Peep Hole/
Sun Strike Leak Slow/
Light through The Dark Like a Scene from Creep Show!/

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