Thank You Lyrics By Mike Stud

Artist/Band Name: Mike Stud

Album Name: Relief


Lyrics To Thank You

[Intro: Mike Stud]
I just wanted to take this time out
To thank ya’ll
Welcome to Relief

Everytime I need you
Thank you
Everytime I need you, I see you

[Verse 1]
See my reception isn’t always good, this ain’t Verizon
So I’m up late watching the sunrisin’
Mom and dad’s garage is where I got started
They always stood behind me, like Obama they “o-bidin'”
One house just the four of us
We didn’t have a lot, they gave it all to us
Now I’m smilin’, nah I’m lyin’, I’m cryin’ while I’m writin’ on this tour bus
But fuck it, cause I’m just being real
And nowadays that’s kind of hard
Been fakin’ like I’ve made it even though that’s kind of far
Just played a show in front of 50 people at a bar
Is it really what it seems? Am I livin’ out my dreams?
Cause most people think so
But they only see the videos and views, they should read some of these tweets
So I learned to deal with it
And nowadays everyone’s a real critic
And I agree, a lot of times it’s me
Got this douchebag persona, but in time you’ll see
That I’m really just a normal dude
Go to normal bars, hang with normal dudes
Go to Applebee’s, and eat normal food
Don’t be mad at me, I’m gettin’ sorta cool
But to the fans that can deal with me
And the people that keep it real with me
And most importantly my family
See, I just wanna say thank you

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Everytime I need you
Thank you
Everytime I need you, I see you
I just wanna say thank you
Everytime I need you
Everytime I need you, I see you

[Verse 2]
A lot of nights I tend to overthink
So in turn I tend to over-drink, and woe is me
And I’m bombed off that whiskey
Hopin’ they don’t forget me when I’m gone in history
Think like a visionary, sittin’ at Ben & Jerry’s
Plottin’ how I’m gettin’ on top like missionary
Then kick it like Vinatieri
And stick around, no quickie like Kim and Reggies
So hittin’ the cemetery for good ’till I’m gone
Singing my favorite song
Picking up my best friends to bring along
My sister my assistant now
This shit’s a fucking business now
And I wouldn’t say I’m ballin’
But I got money in my wallet
And these labels started callin’
I just wish Nanny and Pop were still here
I wish they could of saw this
They missed all of this
And nothing’s ever perfect
But every one of ya’ll has made this song worth it
And I just want to say thank you

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