Tell Me It’s Real Lyrics By New Heights

Artist/Band Name: New Heights

Album Name: Something to Believe In


Lyrics To Tell Me It’s Real

The day is brighter here with you
You show me love can make it through
I’ve wanted nothing more than this
My heart it beats along for you
It sings a simple song on cue
We both ignite this fire inside

I look in your eyes all I see is perfection
Like the moon is aligning the sea to the shore
We both were away but we faced this direction
So what are we waiting for?

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So tell me it’s real that I have found you
You are the one I’ve been waiting for
I’m learning to feel that I’m alive again
I can’t believe it so
So tell me it’s real

So take my hand and follow me
This is the world we’d hoped it be
And now we’ll live it every day, forever

Yes, I’ve found you, Girl, I’ve found you
I’ll never let you go, I’ll never let you go
Yes, we’ve found each other, Girl, we’ve found each other
I’ll never let you go, I’ll never let you go

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Won’t you tell me it’s real
Darling, tell me it’s real
Tell me it’s real

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