Tatianna Lyrics By Praverb The Wyse

Artist/Band Name: Praverb The Wyse

Album Name: Center Of Attention

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Tatianna

Little Tatianna, a young girl, who had a momma*
Didn’t know her father, she was feeling confused
At an early age she was abused
By a promiscuous fool
Nowadays she be skipping some school
Leaving the house, rocking the school attire
Slipped into the bathroom, now the skirts a little higher
She walked into the mall, she’s the center of attention
She get stuff for free, blowing imaginary kisses
Men turn they neck, burn they checks
For this miss, in the end they only yearn for sex
But she’s smart, she denies their advances
She has a boyfriend that she gave a thousand chances
… Tatianna has bigger plans and bigger dreams
She wants to be a supermodel, own her own business
That very instant, she was approached by a fraud
With an old suit handing out business cards
… he replied, I can make you a star
All you have to do is give me a call and we can set it up
She thought about it for a few days
She gave him a ring and left a voice message
He came back from his session, yelled I got one
They asked how she look, he said she’s a hot one
Is she 18? Man I got that covered
Just focus on the lights, lubricants, and the rubbers
He gave her a call, said he would pick her up
At around 5, in a stretch limo truck
She was enjoying the ride through the mountains
They arrived at this mansion, she’s gazing at the fountains
They escorted her into a room
With a bunch or wardrobe
The stench of perfume
He had to leave, while other girls flocked in
He was devious, concocting his options
He discussed the aids test and the waiver
The girls looked at one another, all of them haters
… Tatianna was a little confused, remember she
Was abused by a promiscuous fool
She stood on her own two, and asked about the contract
They looked at each other, bellowed and laffed
… he said, of course you’re amazing
But this is an audition for adult entertainment
You should’ve read the fine print miss before dialing
Your 50 miles from home, your cell phone won’t roam
Now Tatianna has a dilemma
Become a man’s puppet
Or fight using some scissors
Her mind made up she rushes the floor
Knocking a guy down, blood dripping on the floor
She runs into a bathroom is she insane
They knock down the door, next they running a train
They slap her around, she’s not feeling a thing
She wakes up to her mother’s voice, still in pain
Thanking God, it was just a dream, not reality
Now Tatianna is a supermodel, with a salary

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