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Lyrics To Talk With Jesus / Opium Prodigies

I’m trying, Ringo. I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd

[Verse 1: Copywrite]

You’re supposed to get back up when you fall down again
But every now and then when you fall you want to throw the towel in
I call, still don’t hear any response
Still feel bullet proof, I don’t fear any but God
Not much regret, shared a bathroom with the grim reaper
Had a brush with death, and I don’t have too many friends either
Nothings left, but every time I look up I swear he’s showing a sign
Hit a fork in the road, still busted left
Lost both parents and had a grudge with death
They’re both there is what I want to believe
One of us leaves one of us breathes just a couple breaths
Some will receive some will deceive what I want
Underachieved, been under more thunder than Thor
Been embarrassed and been to Paris made me humble, mature
I praise Jesus who gave me life the crazy strife
Made me embrace pain and fight for grace, I chase your life
Man, this has been a crazy night, may or may not have seen the face of Christ
Homeless person shouting with the Shroud of Turin on the dome was lurking
Quoting verses outside of the churches but no one was certain
He asked for cash they looked at him strange
They laughed at his bummy rags and they took all his change
Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane
No, it’s the man of virgin birth so this earth he could save. Praise

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Sample: “Juicy” Notorious B.I.G
Born Sinner, the opposite of a winner
Sample: “Only You” 112 feat. Notorious B.I.G. and Ma$e

[Verse 2: Copywrite]
*Dialogue between Jesus and Copywrite*

Jesus: Here we are, son
Copywrite: So this is it?
J: Pretty much. C: Where are all the powers at?
I still feel regular man, can we rewind an hour back?
J: Peter, you wanted this not me
C: Wait, I wanted this? That wasn’t me that was Copy
J: You talked yourself into a situation you can’t get out of yet
You have to sacrifice your life for love to get out of debt
C: I don’t get it J: Of course not, not yet anyway
Put aside your petty ways and chase on the everyday
Forget about yourself, your own gratification
Let the world judge you and don’t get mad at the nation
C: Oh, I see what you’re saying but I just wanted to fly
I wanted to die, return, hug my mother, say hi
When I said I wanted to be God, I wanted the powers beyond
What we on by eons now preach on
J: My son, without evil how can you choose righteousness?
Choice is what separates the dark from the lightening, which I dismiss
You of all sins and you of all men know better
So let them go get a chrome beretta
They want to shoot you? Let them, pick where the bullet wound goes
They want to cut? Let them pick the knife tell them to move it through slow
C: All that “Turn the other cheek stuff”‘s cream puff, well that’s how we see stuff
J: You humans take kindness as weak, huh?
C: My Lord you already know, so why would you ask me?
J: Just to test your honesty and modesty, honestly C: Exactly. I’m just a….

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