Talk with Force (Jase remix) Lyrics By Phrase feat. Lee Sissing

Artist/Band Name: Phrase feat. Lee Sissing

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Lyrics To Talk with Force (Jase remix)


Last out, open the door, time is mine it ain’t yours,
You paused and hesitated, I push through struggle un-phased
and unfaded, drug related topics, you got it, Fuck it, I drop it,
Went from kiff splifs to paper acid, too placid,
Self promoted my habit to speed addictions, using intravenous
devices, theiving spoons from ya kitchens, Fakers you far from
money makers, talkin hype bout runnin drugs but profits was
miniscule, I traffic copious amounts through inner city schools,
Fools rookies, freshman’s and fuckin amateurs, you claimin’
that i slang to ya, I never hang with ya, So picture this,
Shits deep now, I’m five years in, acne covered face and all
malnutrioned skin, Sudden urges and itches, like bitches in pictures,
Or lace on their knickers in magazines, an anger fiend, just seventeen,
obscene amounts of cash, yet money hungry for my stash to
escalate, triple as I excavate, Dodgy Rodge holds them keys to
the gates, Where fortune and fame wait but river’s flow with demons
and snakes, I take the back door, skipping instructions, Once you
hear, ain’t going back, your in a place of mass distruction.

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Talk with force, but can you run with this shit,
And when the heat has started packing come
undone and you slip, And as you, fall and
stumble back to treacherous earth, I’m in my
kingdom built from wisdom since the date of
my birth, Everything happened for a reason did
my time on the streets, And keep searching for
the answers till my story’s complete, And as you
fall and stumble back to treacherous earth, I’m
in my kingdom built from wisdom since the date
of my birth.


Distruction takes over, anxiety kicks in, insecurities flow through
floodgates like liquid sin, strounge swim weak down, speak now or
forever hold your peace, as I speak, creep to the top and learn as
I seek, Never stop till we meet, consumer drop spot, baby got hot
rock, sold ya soul and the clock stop, differnece I’m shifting visions
through systems, christen turf untouched with wisdom, no college
just street knowledge, Religion left behind jus me and mine, mind
over matter as I flatter more and you stand stagnant, with chitter
chatter jaws, That of course, don’t talk old school crap this is new
school bitch where I rule and you slip, two fools in the clique you
and yourself, paid tips with hot lips but that’s wealth, Seen players
become greedy, needy turned seedy, been betrayed by the best,
when they say that they need me, indeed they’ll all feed my lies to
deceive me, but I laugh cause it’s easy, I changed nothing to
something, played fate with some bluffing now I’m hear and it’s
crushing, rushing through airwaves, incarcerated never, and I’m a
climb stairways in any type of weather.

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