Taken By Daylight Lyrics By Ryann Elisabeth

Artist/Band Name: Ryann Elisabeth

Album Name: The Other Side of Empty


Lyrics To Taken By Daylight

have you ever seen new york city taken by daylight
well i think it’s kinda pretty like everything’s right
sometimes i pretend that i’m 73 floors off the ground
and i’m sitting by my window listening to the sound

the sound of cars rushing by
the sound of the skyline
the sound of life taking time
it’s my lullaby

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i think there’s beauty in mountains and shorelines
when the tide rolls in i’m reminded i’m finite
and i close my eyes and feel my feet in the sand
and i get lost listening to the sound

the sound of fresh squeezed lime
the sound of the sunshine
the sound of wind making rhymes
it’s my lullaby

but the prettiest places live in people’s eyes
cause i can see something more that withstands time
there are 6 billion stories that matter just walking around
GOD give me the grace to quiet my mind and hear the sound

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the sound of hearts burning like mine
the sound of a baby’s cry
the sound of an old man’s sigh
it’s my lullaby

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