Take a Bite Lyrics By Mitch Laddie

Artist/Band Name: Mitch Laddie

Album Name: Burning Bridges


Lyrics To Take a Bite

You say you’re going my way,
The things we’re doing they appear to be the same.
I’m your brother, I’d do anything for you.
Lets stick together, wouldn’t that be cool.

You take a bite out me brother,
So take a bite yeah.

Time has passed, something has changed.
You’re not the friend you were yesterday.
Everyone seems to be on your side,
It’s clear to see I’ve got nowhere to hide.

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Cos you,
You took a bite out me brother.

Well what happened to your smile?
Your face is poisoned by fear and denial.
They said everyone was going to know your name,
But I decided to play your game.

I took a bite outta you brother.

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