Sweet Love Lyrics By Fortunate Youth

Artist/Band Name: Fortunate Youth

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Lyrics To Sweet Love

yes indeed he’s a grateful man
to have all the love wrapped up in his hand
yes indeed, he’s a grateful man
to understand, to love to love to love
you see he love you so much here
said a time ago
he’s a lucky man cause he loves you so
But Now you’re gone like the sun in the sky
some things oh i ask why?

Sweet Love, Sweet Love
I cannot get enough of your Love

I tell you girl yes i gonna be
The Only one you’re gonna wanna see
And Cant you see that this love is true
Its got me standing here right next to you, ya
And when you’re gone i know its wrong
and i can tell it all along
I know that you belong right inside this song
And every time we touch, I’m glad that its just us
Cause I Love you very much
and i cannot get enough of your love

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x 4

If i was lost, lost and never found
I’d be closing by eyes so tounge bound
To see a vision of you Alone in my dreams
If i close my eyes, I can barely see
But now i smell you in a distant wind
i can smell your perfume oh i think I’m falling in
The i open my eyes yes my heart it falls
Cause i don’t see you, no not at all
Said now, oh now baby girl now baby tell me so
Why is Love so hard? So Hard.
Oh now baby girl now baby tell me so
Why does love always see these scars?
Oh now baby won’t you tell me so
Oh but if you go and leave, if you go and leave
I’ll be standing watching Love walking Away
I Cannot get enough of your Love

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