Svetlana Lyrics By A.C.T.

Artist/Band Name: A.C.T.

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Lyrics To Svetlana

I Might Seem Strange, How I Act And How I Talk
I Don’t How To Socialise

A Neat Surprise, The Way She Moved
She Broke My Heart In Two
I Really Don’t Know Why I Had To Make That Donkey Mine
She Looked Like She Could Need A Drink
She Drank A Six-Pack; Plastic, Cans And All

I Thank The Skies, I Found Her
She’ll Beat Up The Guys Who Used To Harass Me
This Woman Of Mine, She’s Problably The Brightest Star Of All
Once I’m In Her Arms, She Knows Just What To Do
I Feel Her Biceps Close To Me, And One Thing Is For Sure
Those Things Ain’t Small!

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Well, We’re A Bit Odd So What!
We Differ Quite In Height
I’m Only Five Foot Four
And She’s Almost Ten
Almost Ten!
Don’t Wanna Lose My Girl
This Shot-Putter Of Mine
She Will Protect Me And She’s
A Real Gourmet Cook Too
Feed Me More!
Oh, My Svetlana
Maybe Cupid Is Blind

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