Survival of the Streets (live) Lyrics By Cro-Mags

Artist/Band Name: Cro-Mags

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Lyrics To Survival of the Streets (live)

Livin inside enclosed walls
Got no money in my pockets
No pictures on the walls
Wake up with a gun on my head
That’s the life, the life I’ve lead

What can I do?

Life’s hard so
I gotta be hard too

But things always seem to get in my way
But I’m gonna get over for another day

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Survival of the streets!
Survival of the streets!
Survival of the streets!

Livin in burnt out buildings
Livin in the streets
It’s the life of the cro-mags
Survival of the streets
Never know what’s comin up ahead
If the beast pulls the trigger could wind up dead!

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