Surprise Lyrics By Robby Maria

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Artist/Band Name: Robby Maria

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Lyrics To Surprise

Down in my loneliness emptiness rins down the walls
Heaven tumbles, heaven falls
Alive in the wilderness I’m freezing in the worn-out sun
Riders fall down from the sky

An’ it hit us by surprise
It hit us by surprise

Brave new world out there what are you looking for
When even changes stay the same?
Black covers ocean’s blue, angels open up the seventh seal
Announce the end of times

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An’ it hit us by surprise
It hit us by surprise

I got the devil on my back an’ he’s ridin’ me, chasin’ me around
Baby I don’t want to be another loser on the way
I got to take it all now but I will never take it on
An’ the devil is so fast, he is right on my track
I know he’s right here with me

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Hit us by surprise my friend
It hit us by surprise

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