Superstar Lyrics By Insane Clown Posse

Artist/Band Name: Insane Clown Posse

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Lyrics To Superstar

If I had things my way, I wouldn’t be a zero
Rather be respected like Pierre Ferro
Every album I touch 5 mics
I’d be on MTV with Tommy Lee ridden dirt bikes
Me and Fred Durst cooking brought worst
And one of those huge barbecues with them Bunny skirts
I wouldn’t need a barricade at my shows
’cause it would be nothing but celebrity friends the first 10 rows
I’d have a 90 pound slut on my arm
Who likes like a little skinny dude with a perm
But she’s a super model and she works in Brazil
And her daddy places pool on the isle of ?
I remember when I met at a party in France
I sent her a rose with a note “May I have this dance?”
Jeckel whut? I don’t even know who they are
If I had things my way, I’d be a superstar

I’m so famous I’m so sweet
I’m so neat I can’t be beat
Call my one time
I’m so fashion, I’m divine
I’m so famous I’m so sweet
I’m so neat I can’t be beat
Call my one time
I’m so fashion, I’m divine

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I got a call this morning Denis Rodman & Carson Daily
They want to meet me up for lunch at the Bailey
And I don’t even know them people
But we famous, so we consider each other equal
Where am I from? Oh yea Detroit city
I remember that tiny little town, so itty bitty
I think I used to have some family there
In fact I wonder if. Rmmm… anyway, jauque do my hair
Sniffing cocaine off of crystal counter top
Kissy face, sucking on her ruby red lolly pop
Shaggy Who? Watch me clean up the ghetto
I sleep on a mattress sprinkled with rose pedals
Make my music, write my song I’ll come sing it
And when the royalty check comes, better bring it
Mr Masoose come and rub me down gently
Mom hers the keys, go and wash the Bentley

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(Fast Talking I Can’t Even Make Out)



I’m like a zerko, I suck my drummers dick
I ain’t gay or nothing, I just did it for kicks
I like to play the crazy rock star it helps my rep
You shoulda seen me at the movie premiere with Johny Depp
I love Hollywood parties, I live like a star
I’ll kiss your ass, even if I don’t know who you are
I’ll jump in your pictures and I’ll get in your way
I’m annoying as fuck, I’m like that one kid from Sugar Ray
Do I remember Twiztid? Of course I do, Twisted Sister,
They used to play with Motely Crue
Oh you mean them rapper kids that were down with me?
No, I don’t recall, excuse me, security!
I don’t need old friends, I’m way bigger
Sorry, my phones ringing, it’s Tommy Hilfiger
I’ll see you when I see if I remember who you are
After all, you’re talking with the superstar

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