Supernaut (live at Lollapalooza 09/04/92) Lyrics By Ministry

Artist/Band Name: Ministry

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Lyrics To Supernaut (live at Lollapalooza 09/04/92)

I want to reach out and touch the sky
I want to touch the sun
But I dont need to fly
Im gonna climb up every mountain of the moon
And find a distant man a-waving his spoon

Ive crossed the ocean, turned every bend
I found the crossing near a golden rainbows end
Ive been through magic and through lifes reality
Ive lived a thousand years and it never bothered me

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Got no religion, dont need no friends
Got all I want and I dont need to pretend
Dont try to reach me, cause Id tear up your mind
Ive seen the future and Ive left it behind

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