Super Sperm Lyrics By Fes Taylor

Artist/Band Name: Fes Taylor

Album Name: Fresh Air Fund (Mixtape)


Lyrics To Super Sperm

[Chorus: Avery Storm]
I gotta bunch of dollars I can spend them on her
Now she can be my lady she can be my lover
Call me on the late night, get right, he ain’t acting right
Every super women needs a superman, here I am

[Fes Taylor:]
No better, get your new better
You do better, I’m a go getter
Nah, I won’t sweat her, fresh, my low sweaters
So I won’t chase her, you can go get her
I blow cheddar, that’s for Moneta
This is my new shit, like, ma, it’s more better
So, no never, how could you play me?
Gon’ be Clark Kent, so how can you save me?
Baby baby, maybe maybe, you ever jerked chicken and taste the gravy?
I know it taste like a pastry
Girls all tight like a nigga in a bakery
Ma, tricking just ain’t me
Love the way I stroke, even if they say they hate me
Your man mad cause he ain’t me
Your man mad cause he ain’t me

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