Sunshine Lyrics By Rich Gang

Artist/Band Name: Rich Gang

Album Name: Rich Gang


Lyrics To Sunshine

[Hook: Limp Bizkit]
I just know, I just know
I just know, I just know
That every day is sunshine
Can’t go wrong, can’t go wrong
Can’t go wrong, can’t go wrong
When every day is sunshine
Everyday is sunshine
Everyday is sunshine

[Verse 1: Flo Rida]
I was born by the river with the sunblock
Say I’m cooking up the heat so I’mma stay hot
And just like that river, I’ve been running ever since
I know I can’t go wrong if I’m on top
I’ve got the shine on me, when I say me he’s gotta ride for the team
Cause I’m on that
The sun hit me every morning, the club with them models
Come and feel ’em like I’m calling
The Don Perrier, probably like a cactus
Throwing every Franklin, I’m a Tim Jackson
Action the napkins, wet, no cash, got a milly after taxes
I’m on the road to winning, I’ve been exposed to women
Already know what they getting but with the flow in the middle
They gotta think twice
And just know that every day is like sunshine
I know, I know

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[Verse 2: Caskey]
I’m just playing my position
No intermission in the mission
All of my idols big pimping, all of my rivals been missing
This right here ain’t revival, this right here is the birth of an idol
This right here is why I work for the title, I gotta be an icon
My old man had dreams of putting nice, he rest in peace
A lil bit of him rest in me
Every time that I’m blessed to be
I work hard, got scars, I got a mother I provide for
I got homies I would die for
A big sis I would lie for but I ain’t relying on this record
No, I’m working on my vernacular
I’m tryina have a lil’ brains to back it up
I used to roll around town in a maxima
Now my next step looking spectacular
And that right there is a blessing
Truest evil when this shit go wrong, don’t stress it
Cause sometime the universe testing you

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[Verse 3: Birdman]
Fade those lights, paid that price and did it
Overnight when we shoot that dice
And I’ll probably fly, play that game and did it
Hustle from the bottom and get it
Get this money then flip it
Swag, Louis, Gucci, Red Flag
Louboutin, foreign cash, hundred dollars on my kite
Hundred dollars on my flight, hundred G’s every night


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