Sundae Lyrics By Honey Cocaine

Artist/Band Name: Honey Cocaine

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Lyrics To Sundae

All about a Monday (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Not a matter if it’s Wednesday (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Now I rolls on a Friday (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
I don’t rap on a Sunday (I let ‘em lick the cherry on a Sundae)

I’m feeling amazing, this is a real season
I’m peloponnesian, top back in the winter time
LA shook, blowin’ weed till I get a fire
Just started, but I’m feelin’ like I’m in my prom
No tie, but you know I’m seein’ bella signs
Dope came inside, doors doin’ suicide
Run through yo block, music loud like I’m reppin’ up
You just hatin’ like you’re on a blog
Wake up on my .., she did the job
Not bad, I should really stop
But the game changed up, just to kill pop
Bet I’m doin’ good, livin’ like I should
And my nigga do me good, yeah, he do me good
So good, no spinner while he give me wood
Too shape from the 6 down to Hollywood

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All about a Monday, I pops up a club all on Tuesday
Not a matter if it’s Wednesday and we pull on top on Thursday
Now I rolls on a Friday, late night berries on Saturday
I don’t rap on a Sunday, I let ‘em lick the cherry on a Sundae

(Verse 2)
We chillin’ and we boppin’, fool me to sleep
Think you’re sick, tryna slide in
Take a bitch practice, we ain’t even buyin’ in
I don’t chase songs cuz he always tryna dive in
Lookin’ back at it, like a crack at it
Honey cocaine, neva gon’ bone shave
Lazy ass hoe tryna sleep, it’s a damn shame
But I don’t give a fuck, I don’t pull back the chains
I’m so into you, got the fuckin’ my gun ova ya
When we on grind then you know that we grind in
Gotta get mine into the sun shining

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