Suicide Letter No. 2 Lyrics By Mir

Artist/Band Name: Mir

Album Name: 7 Directions


Lyrics To Suicide Letter No. 2

Throw me off a cliff
You can throw me in the fire
Cause I’m looking like a rag doll
In the corner with a “D” on my
forehead and
Never coming down
Hanging from a branch
High above a raging river
I hear the voices
calling me – calling me
out to the open sea
Am I strong enough?
Am I whole enough?
Am I holding on?
Am I strong enough?
Am I holding on too tight?
Standing on the ledge of the tallest building in the city
In the fog – and I’m looking down
I see the world underneath me
Don‘t worry – I’m not coming down
I’ll be coming down, coming down, coming
down when l want.
Cause look at you –
You‘re down there,
And I am up there.

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